About us

I was born in Peru. I grew up surrounded by wild fruits, tasty flavors, great people, warm subtropical weather and native fauna. Some years later, as a young man I emigrated to the United States to reunite with my family and pursue a new life but never forgot where I come from, my roots. I always wanted to manufacture a product that I could feel proud of. Being in the food industry I developed this curiosity and passion for ice cream.

n one of the travels to South America I attended trainings and investigated unique formula combinations, exotic fruits, textures and flavors.  So, there was an inner need to blend my childhood memories and my current excitement in creating a new product that could in a way connect my past with my present life -and at the same time bring a piece of home to many consumers that grew around those flavors and a new tasting experience to all others curious to try an ice cream novelty.

In 2017, I opened my first scoop shop and factory in Northeast Pennsylvania.

I thought about a distinctive name that would carry some meaning and be a reminder of my upbringing in Peru and Llama came up as the perfect match.

Llamas are noble animals. There were essentially important in the life of the Incas, ancient settlers of the Andes Mountain Range. They could adapt easily to the rugged geography of those mountains, and ravines. Their wool was used to make looms and their meat was a source of protein. Llama is the path where I come from and my path ahead.

We strive to provide the highest quality ice cream using real exotic fruits and premium ingredients. We are happy to share unique flavors such as lucuma, soursop, mamey, passion fruit, guava, tamarind... and many other flavors from around the world.

It is our mission to innovate and bring you a unique and delicious palate experience every time you taste Llama Ice Cream.

Thank You, Julio Amenero, Owner.


Call or text our Shop! 570 202 6963

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